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Other schools teach floating,
we teach swimming.

And we're passionate about it. Year-round, we serve kids and adults of all abilities starting at 2 years old, offering classes from life-saving learn-to-swim to stroke refinement and Olympic development.

We were founded by James Fike, a U.S. Nationals and Olympic Trials competitor, with the purpose of delivering the highest quality instruction to Fort Worth to improve water safety and grow the sport of swimming. Our instructors have more than 90 years combined experience swimming, including more than 50 years combined experience teaching.

The Fort Worth Swim School is on a mission to get Fort Worth swimming and we look forward to serving you. Please call or email us with any questions.

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The Fort Worth Swim School Classes

The Fort Worth Swim School uses a successful methodology developed over ten years to help swimmers of all ages reach their goals, whether they be water safety, stroke proficiency, or competitive achievement.

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Learn to Swim Class

Learn to Swim

Ages 2+

Our unique learn-to-swim program includes three levels for all ages.  Beginners are new to swimming and need basic, life-saving skills.  Intermediates are water-safe, need minimal supervision, and are ready to begin stroke work starting with freestyle and backstroke to make them good swimmers.  Advanced are interested in taking the next step towards joining a swim team by learning breaststroke, butterfly, turns, and dives.  


Ages 6+

Swimmers in this group are familiar with all four strokes to varying degrees but need refinement to improve efficiency, power, and speed.


Ages 10+

Swimmers in this group are proficient in all four strokes but need tweaks in their technique, starts, and turns to gain a competitive edge.

Swim Team

Ages 6-18

Our swim team builds conditioning and technical proficiency in a fun environment that prepares kids for all levels of swimming, or just a healthy lifestyle.