Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about The Fort Worth Swim School

Why should I choose The Fort Worth Swim School?

We have the best instructors of any swim program, period. It begins with a lengthy vetting process, after which each candidate must be approved by the entire team as someone capable of maintaining the standards we've built. We only hire candidates who are at least college age and we pay them more than any other program, and then steadily increase their pay based on their performance. This isn't just a paycheck for them. They take the success of their students home with them and come in each day determined to make that class even better than the last. Come experience the difference at TFWSS!

Why does my child need swim lessons?

Swimming is a necessary life skill that could save your child's life. Sadly, Tarrant County has one of the highest drowning rates in Texas. Another life-benefit is that it's also one of the healthiest, most fun activities out there (especially at TFWSS!), as swimming requires you to use almost every part of your body.

Do you only provide learn-to-swim instruction?

No, TFWSS serves all ages and abilities, from 2 years old to 102 years old, from people who have never touched the water to those trying to make the Olympics. If the student does not know how to swim we can teach them life-saving skills AND make them technically proficient swimmers. And for adults interested in learn-to-swim we have adult-only classes.

Is your pool indoors and warm?

Yes, Our Tarrant County College pool is a beautiful indoor, heated pool. The Ridglea Pool Association pool is outdoors and used only in the summer.

Do you have adult classes?

Yes, we work with adults of all ages and abilities in ADULT-ONLY classes.

My child is a competitive swimmer.  What does this offer that his/her club team does not?

Great question - No matter how good a coach is, the student:coach ratio on a team is too high to work individually with each swimmer, allowing poor technique to quickly become a very ingrained bad habit that can keep a swimmer from reaching his/her potential. We take the time, and have the expertise, to break down strokes, starts, and turns and rebuild them in a way that increases efficiency, power, and speed.

What types of instructors do you hire and are you hiring now?

The instructors we hire are friendly people who love teaching swimming. Many have competed in high school and college, but some of our best instructors have neither competed nor taught before. And yes, we're always looking for those types of people. If it's you, please contact us here.