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Learn to Swim Class

Learn to Swim (Ages 2+)

Swimmers in this group are either new to swimming or have limited experience swimming (e.g. can do some freestyle). For those new to swimming we develop necessary life-saving skills like floating and self-rescue, using one's legs and arms to get safely to the wall and out of the pool. We then progress the swimmer through drills to begin developing their stroke mechanics, with freestyle first, then backstroke, then breaststroke.

Pre Competitive (Ages 6+)

Swimmers in this group are familiar with all four strokes to varying degrees but need refinement to improve efficiency, power, and speed. Critical thinking about the hows and whys of stroke mechanics increases. Examples of a pre-competitive swimmer might be a summer league swimmer or an adult recreational swimmer.

Competitive (Ages 10+)

Swimmers in this group are proficient in all four strokes but need tweaks in their technique, starts, and turns to gain a competitive edge. We take a holistic approach and analyze the swimmer’s technique, training habits, race strategy, and even nutrition. We’ve worked with Olympic hopefuls, triathletes, and masters swimmers to take them to the next level.

Swim Team (Ages 6-18)

Our swim team builds conditioning and technical proficiency in a fun environment that prepares kids for all levels of swimming, or just a healthy lifestyle. From stroke development to Olympic development, this program is coached by Olympic Trials competitor and Masters American Record Holder James Fike. It emphasizes technique and quality training to get athletes prepared for competition, and eschews the typical high-yardage model of swim training. Younger swimmers focus on technical development while older, more competitive swimmers in USA Swimming and high school focus on discipline, high-intensity training to prepare for faster racing. We attend USA Swimming-sanctioned meets. Swimmers in this group are proficient in all four strokes.